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Burning Streets - "Strangle Me"

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Burning Streets - "Strangle Me"

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Playing music and following a dream seem to be synonymous, but that dream is not exactly the same for those chasing it. Some people see that dream as playing hit singles for thousands of people, fame and fortune. But there is a small minority that believes in something very different. Maybe the dream is in the chase. That dream is in the struggles and the happiness that comes along with making music with your best friends. BURNING STREETS has been celebrating this idea since they first began in 2008.

With their first release, 'Is It In Black And White' (Sailors Grave Records 2009), they immediately began the chase. In an old GMC, they managed a few full U.S. tours, multiple East Coast and Canadian tours as well as the band’s first journey overseas to Europe in late 2010. While that all seems like it has made them who they are, BURNING STREETS is more confident that this new era will bring about their most defining moments. They ventured into the studio early this year to record their second record. Inspired by the constant inconsistencies that they have encountered over the years, they felt it appropriate to title this release 'Sit Still'.

In support of a more mature and experienced BURNING STREETS, the record has been produced by Marc Cannatta (ex-FAR FROM FINISHED) and takes on a strong rock strain while grounding their punk roots. 'Sit Still' weaves song after song of passionate, upbeat, punk-strewn infectious rock songs that straddle back and forth between unfiltered angst and crafted emotion. This is indeed the year the streets will burn.

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