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We Came From Wolves - "Cope"

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We Came From Wolves - "Cope"

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We wanted a very indie movie feel for the video. The song is essentially a love song, but also about how poisonous the effects of a small town can be for someone with ambition and desire. It's about the conflicts of finding the beauty amongst the mundane but essentially needing to break through negativity in search of a more positive environment and thanking those who, either in a positive or negative sense, woke you up to this realisation. In Tom Mitchell, we had a brilliant young cinematographer who has just completed his first full film (Kubricks) with Dean Kavanagh and his stock will surely rise to it's deserved place soon enough, we have worked with Tom many times before as he is also and incredibly talented engineer and producer and more importantly a very close friend.

He drew influence from the song and film Submarine (Richard Ayoade). The story in the video is of a boy, played by Lewis Jackson, who finds life and socialising difficult, your typical loner type. He also has a hostile home life with single dad Michael Skinner, who has a fondness for the bottle. He then spies a girl played by Laura Ferguson. The next scenes are their blossoming friendship all set in the beautiful surroundings of our hometown of Perth which is aesthetically perfect on the eye, but in substance leaves a lot to be desired (the inspiration of the song). As things look to be changing for the better, it seems his caution with people is merited when he see the girl with another boy who is much more conventional than he in his oversized parka and unkempt hair. He then spirals out of control and has an image/attitude overhaul much to the detriment of their relationship and our video ends on the note that not everything has a happy ending. We were blessed with some brilliant natural lighting and great scenery and settings. Although there is editing throughout to enhance what we shot, the incredible talents of the young actors, our director and the natural elements meant it was all just slight tweaks to bring the best out of what we had captured.

We Came From Wolves are a post-rock band from Perth, Scotland. The four piece are all about harmonic, melodic soundscapes with hook-laden, euphoric choruses.

They have rallied an enthusiastic following after a series of blistering live sets during their European tour in 2012, whilst gathering support from radio luminaries Ally McCrae and Jim Gellatly.

In April 2012 they signed to Engineer Records, who have worked with established artists such as Funeral for a Friend and Gaslight Anthem. After headlining stages at Doune the Rabbit Hole festival, they have begun working on a single to be released in December. Their debut EP, Cope, will be released September 2012 through Engineer Records, alongside a full UK co-headline tour with A Plastic Rose.

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