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The Moorings - "Friendship"

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The Moorings - "Friendship"

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Formed in 2007, The Moorings are a French band drawing inspiration from their Irish roots. Influenced by the Dubliners and the Chieftains, originally the band covered the standard Irish folk repertoire. Exclusively acoustic at first, the group developed their sound to encompass electric instruments whilst song writing. Faithful to the Irish folk traditional themes, The Moorings update the genre by infusing a solid dose of punk rock energy into the music.

The authenticity and the modernity of The Moorings work together to give a vigorous facelift to a musical style still little known in France, but that our European neighbours already hold in such high acclaim. After a first EP in 2009, "Pints & Glory", The Moorings first album will be released on October the 17th.

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